Who is Lilian Njoki?

She is the mother of two wonderful daughters. She is the founder of the "Tell your Story/Life" school 2020.
She maintains a platform to put her motherland Kenya in a modern light, as well as to bring the continent of Africa closer to Europe, after years of lack of concept.

Lilian is a key note speaker, personal development trainer and event manager she has worked for the Roger Federer Foundation for Africa. She was a panel speaker for the WHO (World Health Organisation) at the UN (United Nation) in Geneva. She is a mental health and fitness trainer. She has developed fitness programs in which she incorporates her knowledge as a dancer and athlete. Already in the 70s she appeared for the then Kenyan President Jomo Kenyatta.

Lilian continuously strives to develop and expand her skills and competencies. She wants to give something of herself to the world, enrich it with her ideas and her vision. She lives to strengthen others and make them more successful. For this purpose, she has developed suitable coaching programs. Of course, she is committed to mostly help single mothers and orphanage children in Africa.

Lilian lives with the Moto -"Hakuna Matata" - "Don't worry". She is deeply convinced that after years of misunderstandings and injuries to her homeland, only LOVE will help. "Love is the answer!" She offers coaching on this topic, also in the private sector. She is a keynote speaker for topics like Mindset and Relationships.

Lilian's current book is "Africans think and grow rich!". (Available at selected bookstores in the Basel region and Google Playbook. Her first book "Dream It, Then Do It" can be found on Google Playbook.)